Why slowsleep

Why slowsleep

For over 50 years has our family produced mattresses, bedsprings, pillows and whatever is needed to allow good rest. We can define ourselves as actual experts on the matter. We are proud to carry forward a project that – since the nineteen sixties – has tried to transform the simple act of sleeping into a complete experience of well-being. Throughout this time, we have grown up to reach an output of 10,000 mattresses a day, but we have never stopped asking ourselves some questions: how to harmonize our activity with the need of the environment to deliver it intact to the future generations? How can we develop products of excellence that may improve the quality of life?  Today, at the core of the second decade of the 21st century, we feel the need to open a dialogue on the themes which inspire our being entrepreneurs, but – mainly – our life. Not only mattresses, therefore, but also dialogue, and – mainly – listening. This is why Slow Sleep. Slow Sleep is the philosophy that inspires us: recovering not only the dimension of rest, but also the quality of life. To do so, we believe it indispensable to share an actual culture of the quality products: sleeping occupies one third of our life, the choices linked to rest determine the well-being and it is important to start choosing with awareness. After all, falling asleep is not the end of the day, but is already the beginning of the day ahead. If you sleep well, you wake up well and live better. Nature is within our DNA. We are from Tuscany and do consider a value the beauty of our land. Thanks to Tuscany, we have learnt to respect the landscape. From the very beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure, Giuliano Magni treasured the values of this land, choosing to process clean raw materials only. Nobody was still talking about pollution, zero impact, or environment-friendliness, but Magniflex was already a company securely on its way towards sustainability. Our history is a pathway of love for the Earth, sprinkled by creations such as the vacuum mattress, which allows limiting the number of trucks that transport the products, or by steps such as being the first company in the industry to be awarded the Oeko-Tex certification, which guarantees the atoxicity for both man and the environment of the different components used for the products. In Slow sleep, you will find hints, reflections, our universe of values. This is how we see the world and this is what we want to share with everybody. Slow Sleep means starting from the mattress to live at your best. Not only: in-depth analyses on sleeping, on our research, on the novelties we are developing to allow for better rest and a better quality of life. There will also be room for “spicy” aspects, because – amongst all the things you can do on a mattress – there is also making love … From now on,  besides our shops, our customer care, our websites, our social profiles, you can find us on this blog as well. Ask us anything, make comments, give us suggestions. Meanwhile, we wish you a good reading. For your rest, you can continue relying on us and on our job, because Magniflex produces mattresses, but … never sleeps!

Marco Magni.

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