White noise: is it useful or harmful?

White noise: is it useful or harmful?

Do you tend to have trouble falling asleep? Do you find yourself waking up often and with every sound? Have you ever tried “insulating” the surrounding environment with so-called “white noise”?

White noise can be defined as constant noise without a particular frequency. It’s a sound that doesn’t exist in nature; in fact, it is derived from a mathematical concept. In some cases though, it may prove surprisingly beneficial. Let’s see why…

For the sake of simplicity, we can say that white noise are very soft sounds designed to distract a person from the noise normally produced by the surrounding environment and which may cause people with a light sleep to wake up abruptly and in an anxious state.

Sound masking, as this technique is called because it aims to cancel out other surrounding sounds, has many forms. It can include such sounds like a vacuum cleaner, a blow-dryer, ocean waves, rainfall, and all those rhythmic sounds with a low and steady frequency that allow our ears to isolate us.

How can white noise help me?

How many times have you been woken up by a scooter running down your street or by the loud laughter of a group of kids?

Well then, if your brain gets used to a constant acoustic background, it will be less prone to be distracted by any sudden noises, because by the process of adaptation, it will stop perceiving any sound that comes from the outside world.

That’s why white noise is preferable to total silence, because if there is no sound at all, even the slightest noise will be likely to wake us up, owing to its amplified disruptive power.

It’s no surprise therefore that downloading these sounds through a smartphone app is an excellent method to get toddlers to fall asleep, because sleeping well is an essential requisite for a healthy lifestyle. It will also aid the child’s growth and is a good habit to learn early on in life.

In essence, listening to this type of sounds is a way to help the body to relax, to get us in tune with nature, to make us feel at peace with ourselves.

But although white noise is beneficial to our sleep, it’s not enough to guarantee the perfect rest. The first step to achieving that is probably picking out a good mattress that provides support and comfort.

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