When Tuscany rhymes with wellness: the 5 most suggestive spas in Tuscany

When Tuscany rhymes with wellness: the 5 most suggestive spas in Tuscany

The mere thought of Tuscany conjures up images of lush green countryside, a land that is strong and hospitable, where you can find both perfect places to have fun and places in which to enjoy moments of complete relaxation.

For Magniflex, the region of Tuscany is central, the place where the brand was first established and where it developed its corporate history. Its bond with the territory seems almost prophetic if you think of an element common to both: wellbeing.

Just as Magniflex has been geared towards ensuring that Italians get a good night’s rest for over 60 years, let us discover together the most prestigious Tuscan spas, natural places where you can spend quality time in the pursuit of health.

In this article we will talk about 5 Tuscan spas that are absolutely worth a visit. Are you looking for an exclusive place where you can fully unwind? Here are some hints that might be useful.

Here’s what we have thought up specially for you

Saturnia thermal baths: a place in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, in the province of Grosseto, where one of he most famous springs of pure water in Italy has been flowing since the Middle Ages. These waters are classified as sulphurous and sulphate-alkaline-bicardonnate-earthy and are able to give a pleasant sensation of well-being from the moment you step in.

San Filippo thermal baths: among the most famous in Tuscany, they are located in Val d’Orcia, in the province of Siena. Their main feature is the structure designed to collect water, in other words, small white pools where it is truly a pleasure to bathe. The magical atmosphere is created by a mountain of calcaric origin, known as the White Whale. The scarce presence of people in the area has contributed to preserving the wild appearance of the area over time; these spas are literally immersed in the woods: a fairy-tale setting just waiting to be discovered.

Petriolo thermal baths: still in the province of Siena, this thermal centre is one of the most renowned in the region.  Dating back to Roman times, and also mentioned by Cicero and Martial, these spas are located along the Farma river, on the border between Monticiano and Civitella Paganico. They will surprise you: the thermal waters flow naturally at a temperature of over 43° C! These waters are rich in hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, calcium, fluorine, and hydrogen carbonate.

Montecatini thermal baths: the thermal waters of Montecatini have been converted into a luxury spa, where beauty and wellness treatments can be enjoyed from November to April. The highlight are the baths in the thermal pool, equipped with a sauna and Turkish bath, not forgetting the personalised facial treatments.

San Giovanni thermal baths on the Island of Elba: a magnificent spa is located in the Gulf of Portoferraio. The suggestive panorama of the Island of Elba forms a backdrop to the complex with a large park of palms and eucalyptus trees. The centre is famous for its thalassotherapy treatments thanks to a highly specialised staff offering massages, baths, and qualified beauty treatments.

Magniflex suggests solutions to help you relax and regain your wellbeing. Are you ready to do it together?

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