When children are in summer camps, parents suffer from insomnia

When children are in summer camps, parents suffer from insomnia

All this time it seemed like it will never happen but eventually it did.  It is that fateful moment when children leave for their first summer camp alone.  Sunscreen, insect repellant, socks, underwear, t-shirts, the list of numbers to call in case of an emergency, pocket money, some recommendations and so on, they leave with scouts or with basket team, under the watchful and omnipresent eye of their educators.

And yet, even if children are protected and supervised, their parents struggle to fall asleep. Here are some tips to avoid sleepless nights.


The first outing without parents: the second weaning

According to some, the first time going anywhere for a longer period of time without parents should rightly be considered as the second weaning; these are the experiences that make children and kids grow up, projecting them in another dimension compared to the one they experience every day with their family.  Without mom and dad, without grandparents or uncles, they are without “shelter” 24 hours a day, they are in constant contact with diversity, facing the necessity to mediate, compromise and adapt. In a few days the child can find out an unexplored part of him/herself, can test him/herself in roles and activities they have never experienced before. In other words, these experiences help the children grow up and develop their characters.


Children alone in the camp: overcome fear

If the camp alone is the second weaning off for the children, the ones who should be weaned off as well and especially – are the parents.  To overcome this fear, you need to know that this step is really an initiation, which turns out to be more difficult, complex and especially full of obstacles.  Fear, which comes with gloomy colors, is a normal reaction that has to be controlled and neutralized, bearing in mind that it is often a manifestation of an inner resistance of parents to let their children go: a child that is growing also wants to be left alone. If parents bear in mind that the fear they feel is amplified by the particular psychological condition that they are experiencing, well everything will look less threatening.


Eating lightly to sleep better

If nervousness induces appetite, you’d better make some efforts to eat a balanced diet, preferably, especially at dinner, fresh vegetables, food that is not so heavy.  A smooth digestion helps you to not go to mental rumination.  Light dinner, no alcohol and no coffee should be the rule, but if the children are taking their first summer camp alone, this should be a must.


Sport, passions and yoga for peaceful nights

Ok, the children are gone. Instead of worrying all the time, it is possible to use these moments of silence and emptiness of the house to change your habits and rediscover old passions for which there is never enough time, dedicating yourself to sport and some yoga exercise and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. When your day is full, time passes with joy and lightheartedness, if you are lying on the couch watching TV, sooner or later mental loops and tensions will take over.


A new mattress for wonderful dreams

Why don’t you not take the opportunity to make yourself a gift?  Moms and dads, don’t you deserve a nice new mattress?  And while you are on it, who knows if your creatures, after a week of camping, would not like to fall asleep in a bed which supports them in a fresh, comfortable and ergonomic way?

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