What does dreaming of a party mean?

What does dreaming of a party mean?

Parties, parties, parties and parties again! We party everywhere: at home, in the squares, in discothèque, sometimes at the office and … in dreams. It often happens to dream of a party; let us try to understand what it means.

Besides the interpretations of dreams devised by Freud, the dream of a party in the popular tradition and in the kabbalah takes a set of interesting meanings to be explored:

  • Dreaming of a family party
    means little economic security or conflicts within your family nucleus
  • Dreaming of a masked party
    is a dream linked to the lack of inhibitions, to the wish of transgressing
  • Dreaming of your own birthday party
    recalls your own “social temperature”: if the party goes well it means that you feel accepted and well cared for
  • Dreaming of a surprise party
    indicates the need to introduce novelties in your couple life
  • Dreaming of being late at a party
    foretells problems at work
  • Dreaming of a charity party
    announces pleasant novelties
  • Dreaming of dancing at a party
    is typical of those who are falling in love
  • Dreaming of not being invited to a party
    indicates a general sense of frustration
  • Dreaming of giving a party
    means being afraid of remaining alone

The party, therefore, as a moment of collective catharsis, is a powerful oneiric symbol. Nonetheless, let us be careful not to give too much trust on the meaning of dreams and let us berhave so that – in these days – no nightmare can remove the smile from our celebrations!

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