Here are the new wellness trends for 2016

Here are the new wellness trends for 2016

The results of the 2016 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast, the annual study that anticipates trends in wellness, have been recently published.

The survey was conducted through questionnaires distributed in more than 25.000 wellness centers around the world and saw the rise of surfing, practiced not only in the ocean but also at the gym thanks to Surfset fitness, a special rocking platform that reproduces the feeling of oceanic waves. This new trend will surely increase surfing tourism throughout the year.

Second place goes to the “hot topic” of sexual wellness. No more taboos for sexual matters, which are now considered “essential” for wellbeing. So make room for sex toys, apps and new technological gizmos. The link between sexual energy and nutrition is also highly debated, as demonstrated by a recent PETA commercial. This is a true paradigm shift leading to a much wider awareness of the body and, consequently, of sexuality in general.

Traditional sauna is now experiencing a crisis due to the success of Tezmacal, an ancient South American ritual aimed at purifying the body, mind and spirit. In this case, the trend is part of a growing pattern: the need for a more profound meaning, also in a spiritual sense, and the passion for narrative context of each experience.

Fourth place goes to baby wellness, followed by the blend of adrenaline and Zen (adventurous journeys linked to meditation) and, in order: wellness fairs, dedicated apps, Korean skin treatments, wellness cruises, and last workplace wellness. The concept of improving the life of employees is relatively old, as experiments and experiences count back to the seventies, but sensitivity in this branch really skyrocketed in the last five years.

When compared to last year’s trends, the ranks seem totally revolutionized, but the fundamental point remains: the need to come home at night and find a mattress capable of delivering true wellness.


Our infoposter about Wellness Trends 2016.

Wellness Trends 2016

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