Videogames and dreams

Videogames and dreams

Video games are alienating? If you see your child’s astonished expression not understanding why you are scolding after the umpteenth call to dinner, you are inclined to think so; continue reading and maybe you will change your idea (at least a little).


Videogames and sleep

Videogames can stimulate aggression and have immediate effects on the body, such as increased heart rate and excessive muscle tension, elements that can disturb good sleep. Add to that the fact that often those who play a lot during the night “see” – in a dream – scenarios and vicissitudes of videogames.

There is a “but”, and it is thanks above all to the work of Jayne Gackenbach, you are starting to understand that players have rich and “special” dreams.


The “lucid” dreams of gamers

It seems that the so-called “hardcore gamers“, ie those who play every day for several years in a row, are used to not losing control in the face of unexpected events (an essential skill for adventure videogames) and have a clear idea of ​​what it means to be in an alternative reality. Developing these talents allows you not to be frightened by nightmares and continue to dream, but above all, it seems you can “free yourself” from the dream, understand that you are dreaming and direct your actions consciously while you are dreaming.


A strange difference between males and females

It is mainly males who maintain control of nightmares. Neither Gackenbach nor other research have yet understood why.


A tip: if you really want to play, do it on a good mattress!

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