Vastu Shastra: good vibes in the bedroom

Vastu Shastra: good vibes in the bedroom

India has always been a valuable source of knowledge in man’s quest for wellbeing and harmony.

Vastu Shastra, which in Sanskrit means “science of architecture“, is the world’s oldest form of holistic architecture and has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Initially used for the construction of temples, it is based on the belief that nature affects human activity, making it a necessity in order to achieve harmony. Currently, Vastu Shastra encompasses countless fields, from urban construction to our preference in vehicles.  In short, it is connected with pretty much everything that is somehow tied to our daily lives.

According to the principles of Vastu, the benefits of a well-built home operate in harmony with the surrounding world and not only effect its habitability, but also our happiness and relationships. In addition, a well-designed and well-built home attracts good fortune.

This ancient discipline also comes in handy as a way to cure sleep disorders, turning the bedroom into an oasis of peace.


Vastu Shastra and the bed

First of all, the head of the bed should face South, because the mind is believed to have negative polarity and therefore, attracted to the South Pole (positive). In addition, every room in your home must have a specific function, so avoid engaging in multiple activities while in the bedroom, such as studying or working on your computer. The bed must be comfortable, maintain a simple structure, preferably made of wood and positioned close to the ground.


Vastu Shastra and the bedroom

The front door must open at a 90° angle, so as to allow the ideal flow of energy.  Also, remember not to overcrowd the bedroom with furnishings.  Rather, choose objects that convey serenity, such as a nicely framed photograph or a plant, for instance.  Avoid putting aquariums and sacred images in the bedroom.

The colors of the walls can also increase relaxation.  A clear white or gray are the best colors to use and the light should be soft as in, not too glaring.  If possible, avoid having mirrors in the room.  If you must have a mirror, position it so it does not reflect the bed. According to Vastu, it is recommendable to cover the mirror with a damp cloth when you go to sleep, as it could cause fights between you and your partner.



Choosing the right mattress is of the utmost importance, it should not be too soft and must be made with natural materials.  The same applies to the sheets.

For deep relaxation, avoid dark fabrics, because they arouse strong emotions.

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