Turning the bed into a gym – part 2

Turning the bed into a gym – part 2

After having explored the beauty for the body of waking up in the morning, we now look at how to relax before going to sleep with a series of exercises that can be practiced in bed. In this case too, you should first consult your doctor or personal trainer in order to be sure that you can practice the exercises in total safety.


Exercises to practice in bed at night

Before going to sleep, the body needs to relax, and the best solution in this case is stretching. Each one of these exercises should be prolonged for about 30 seconds without putting too much energy but also avoiding the classic pull-release movement.

1. Stretching forward
with your legs together and stretched out, bend your back and pull yourself forward, stretching forward the arms until you reach your feet (if you’re able to)

2. stretching upward
seated with your legs crossed, stretch forward your arms, join the hands, moving the palm in the direction of the ceiling and “pushing” upward, stopping when you feel the shoulders properly tensed up. In this position, we recommend focusing on the way you breathe, avoiding apnea by all means

3. stretching the deltoid muscle
while still seated, grab your right arm by the elbow with your left hand and (slowly) stretch it out leftward, until you feel the muscles of the shoulder stretch. Keep the arm at the height of the heart. When you’re done with one arm, move on to the other

4. stretching the back
get on your knees, moving the torso and arms forward, and stretch out gently

5. abdominal stretching
lying down on your stomach, lift the chest by pushing on the mattress with your hands, after having brought the hands at the height of the shoulders. Stretch out until you feel the abdominal muscle “pull”. In this exercise, the neck follows the line of the back and the face stares in front of it.

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