Theta Healing: feeling good through meditation

Theta Healing: feeling good through meditation

Have you ever heard about Theta waves? No, it is not science fiction, Theta waves are the ones emitted by the brain in a situation of absolute relax: while we are falling asleep our brain emits and releases waves with a frequency between 4 and 8 Hz (exactly the Theta waves).

Theta Healing is a healing method created by Vianna Stibal and it is based on the assumption that during Theta phase, it is possible to induce changes in the body and in the character, personality.

Beyond the possible probabilities about the effectiveness of the method, meditation practices are usually a cure-all, an excellent remedy because they represent a stop, an oasis of peace in the frenzy of daily life. In the case of Theta Healing, reaching Theta state (brain waves may be Beta, Alpha, Theta, Theta-Sigma, Delta and Gamma) would give the chance to consciously operate on different areas of our life, taking illnesses to a better level and even leading to a complete healing and a total recovering.

Between Theta Healing and the sleep there is a link, so to say, of affinity, relationship. On one side the method of the discipline invented by Stibal is indicated as an healing system, on the other side some scientists have discovered that one of the sleep functions is “to increase the  production of brain cells forming the myelin, the insulating sheath of nervous cells in the brain and in the spinal cord, […] decisive in the way in which the brain and the nervous system are protected and repaired”.

Whether you meditate or not, please remember that sleeping is the most important pleasure!

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