The world record for… breakfast in bed

The world record for… breakfast in bed

Would you ever have guessed that world records can be achieved even by staying in bed? This has happened twice in China!

One record leads to another

In 2014 as many as 388 people contributed to helping the Pudong Shangri-La, a hotel located in Pudong, a district of Shanghai city, achieve the world record for breakfasts in bed. The following summer, another accommodation facility managed to do even more!

We move to the Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel in Langfang, a city in Hebei Province. Outside the hotel, 113 double beds were prepared, which accommodated the exorbitant number of 418 people, including hotel guests and staff. By regulation, they were not allowed to pile on top of each other to let in an extra person: the bed could only be shared as long as everyone could keep both legs over the mattress and rest their backs against the headboard.

On a tray, each person had a very varied continental breakfast on hand: juice, pastries, muffins, and fruit, all to begin consuming only after serving each person. If those in bed number 113 had to wait a while, who knows how hungry those in bed number one were, with the rich tray in front there for them not to touch!

Two large screens had been placed on either side of the area that housed the beds, like at a concert or sporting event, so that those involved in the stunt could follow the attempt to set the new world record live. An official Guinness World Records judge who attended the event that August morning in 2015 confirmed the sensational achievement for the Langfang hotel. We just have to wait to see where the next record will be set: will we witness a resounding hat-trick in China?

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