The “spirit” of dreams: the way you dream of alcohol reveals much about you

The “spirit” of dreams: the way you dream of alcohol reveals much about you

Alcohol is among the many things we dream of, even if we don’t drink. Drinking alcohol, getting drunk or meeting someone who drinks in our dreams is more common than we might think. Let’s try to find out what it means to dream of alcohol, then.


Dreaming of alcohol if you have a drinking problem

If you wrestle with an alcohol, food or internet addiction, or have any other form of dependency on a substance or activity, dreaming of alcohol may be a sort of symbolic warning that our subconscious is trying to give us. A person with an alcohol addiction, for instance, can have a sense of guilt upon waking up in the morning, if he or she dreamt of alcohol the night before. That can motivate them to want to stay sober. Other forms of addiction may express themselves in our dreams as bottles or glasses filled with alcohol, hinting to the risk that we may face problems related to our health, finances or circle of friends, if we don’t cut down on how much we drink.


Dreaming of drinking only a glass or two

Dreaming of having a round of drinks, like toasting to something or someone, is a sign of satisfaction and gratification. The toast, in this case, is directed to our own self. Remember: toasting with alcohol is a way of welcoming good fortune at the beginning of an endeavor or of celebrating its fruitful outcome. Are you perhaps about to start or end a relationship?


Dreaming of being drunk

This kind of dream suggests that we are tired and is an indication that we should probably take a break or engage in some form of entertainment now and then. In some cases, dreaming of being drunk may point to fears of inadequacy and to the need for a small helping hand.


Dreaming of drinking a bitter alcoholic beverage

This kind of dream has a double meaning. On one hand, the focus may be the bitterness of what we’re drinking, which symbolically suggests that we’re displeased with a situation we’re experiencing in our lives. On the other, it may indicate an emotion, a strong feeling we have about something or someone.


Dreaming that a person dear to us is getting drunk

When the dream ends on a pleasant note, it usually has a positive meaning and tells us that we feel good with that person and have fun when we’re together with them. If the dream ends in a bad way (with feelings of nausea, fainting, or becoming aggressive), it serves as a premonition and tells us that we’re worried for the health or mental wellbeing of the drunk person.


Dreaming of beer

Normally linked to social gathering and to joyful carelessness, beer indicates the need to find a balance between our moments of relaxation and our pressing commitments, because beer is tasty and light, but when consumed in excess amounts, it gives us a… bloated stomach!


Dreaming of red wine

Dreaming of a glass or bottle of red wine may point to a desire to break the rules that we are totally unaware of. If we dream of drinking red wine with someone else, the dream may indicate that we have “passionate” feelings about that person.


Dreaming of white wine

White wine in dreams is usually a sign of joy and purity. The color white may also suggest that we perceive ourselves as being too shy. Dreaming of offering a glass of white wine to someone means having realized that we were sincerely and tactfully there for that person in their time of need, that we gave them a sense of “warmth” when they were going through a rough patch.


Dreaming of champagne or sparkling wine

Much like the dream of having a round of drinks, champagne or sparkling wine express our sense of satisfaction with a goal we’ve achieved. Enjoying a few glasses of champagne or sparkling wine with a group of people means that we are happy to feel part of a winning team.


Dreaming of hard liquor

It’s hard to say what dreaming of hard liquor may mean, but in general terms, it may point to the fact that we are a hedonistic, pleasure-seeking person.


Dreaming of pure alcohol

The meaning of this dream lies somewhere between feeling the need to be more spiritual (alcohol is the “spirit”) and an obsession for cleanliness (including our conscience, symbolically speaking).

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