The secret to the success of Champions? Sleeping is (also) a part of it

The secret to the success of Champions? Sleeping is (also) a part of it

A specific and highly balanced diet, daily exercise, and many other factors characterize the typical lifestyle of an athlete. But the quality and quantity of sleep is equally essential.

In general, the typical adult gets about 6.8 hours of sleep on weekdays and 7.4 hours on weekends. However, this average sleep time is not considered sufficient by professional athletes, who, depending on the sport they practice, sleep between 7.53 and 9.29 hours a day.

Overall, despite the differences among various sports and their requirements, it seems that the quality and quantity of sleep are comparable. On the contrary and for various reasons, the number of hours of sleep each athlete gets is not.

To provide an example, athletes who practice individual sports usually train in the morning and compete in the afternoon, whereas those who practice a team sport will train in the afternoon and sometimes play their matches late at night.


But how and how much does a famous athlete sleep?

Here are some examples of the sleep patterns among some of the most famous sports athletes.

The tennis player Roger Federer, needs 11-12 hours of sleep per night to be in full shape during the daytime. The same is true for basketball star LeBron James. The tennis star Venus William, instead, “only” needs 10 hours.

It’s not important how long a person sleeps, but rather that they sleep well, and some athletes have gone to great lengths adjusting their schedule in order to improve the quality of their sleep.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, claims that he sleeps only 5 times a day, with 90-minute naps. The star soccer player ends his day by always going to bed at least a few hours after dinner, so as not to feel as though his stomach is full. The fetal position seems to be the perfect one, and the bed linen and sheets are also very important: they need to be fresh out of the laundry machine whenever he takes a nap!

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