The secret of Feng Shui to sleep better

The secret of Feng Shui to sleep better

Feng Shui is the Oriental discipline that seeks to create a sense of harmony around us by finding the right balance between philosophy and lifestyle. It, therefore, is only logical that the home environment, our comfort zone, needs to meet certain characteristic standards of wellness that are dictated by this discipline. An underlying concept is that our home is a place where we need to feel relaxed, where the emotions we experience are always positive. Based on this concept, the architecture of our home and the way we arrange our furniture affect the energy of that environment.

Feng Shui principles are based on the importance of electromagnetic fields, which may depend on the way we have organized our personal spaces.

The bedroom is a space we need to protect within the home. It is also the most important because it is where we relax and sleep and where we let go of our everyday stress to find rest and regenerate the mind and body.


Pay special attention to the bedroom

That is why Feng Shui provides a set of guidelines so that the bedroom can accommodate the bed in a preferential position and allow it to release positive energy vibes for the person who sleeps in it. In addition, this Oriental discipline teaches that human evolution started precisely in the place where people habitually sleep, which is why the bedroom plays a key role in our home. Besides providing suggestions on which colors to choose to help establish positive connections between our mind and the surrounding space, the guidelines to follow have the bed facing eastward with the headrest against a wall, in a position diagonally opposite to the bedroom door so that the head or feet never point towards the entrance.

This tip is often difficult to apply since the spatial arrangement in our apartments is often already structured and constrained by architectural design, regardless of our good intentions. We can, however, choose the materials used to manufacture our bed, which should be as natural as possible. Wood is always the best choice because, according to Feng Shui, it is the only material that doesn’t change the earth’s magnetic field.

The mattress is a key element to constructing the proper bed. Feng Shui considers memory foam or last-generation pocket springs as the ideal choice, as these two solutions help discharge the electromagnetic flow we have built up throughout the day. It may also prove helpful to opt for a cover in carbon or silver fiber, both materials that help absorb the magnetic waves released by our body and to reduce their effect. Old mattresses with an outdated system of springs, instead, should be avoided.

This could be the right time to change your mattress!

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