The right pillow for each dreamer

The right pillow for each dreamer

A good mattress is not enough to sleep well;  to ensure yourself a regenerating sleep you also need to select the right pillow. An inappropriate pillow may generate cervical disorders, and pain to the back and shoulders.

What are the requirements of a good pillow?

A good pillow must:

  • Support and align the head without letting it sink or raising it
  • Allow for the physiological alignment of the back spine
  • Immediately provide a feeling of relief
  • Go back to its initial consistency after having been used

How to select the pillow?

You need to pay attention to the way you sleep; the choice of the pillow does not only depend on the weight or build  of a person, but also on his/her sleeping habits. If you prevailingly sleep on one side, the height and consistency of the pillow must support the head in order to allow for a position that shall not involve bending the head; in this case, the ideal pillow is of medium to high thickness. If you sleep on your back, the support provided by the pillow must prevent lordosis (head too low, backwards) but also any position that might be too folded forward; the  pillow must be thin, otherwise either condition might lead to painful wake-ups. If you mainly sleep prone, the excessive rigidity of the pillow may prevent the complete relax of both the muscles and the skeleton.

The ideal test is to lay down and check the position of the neck: if the latter is aligned to the back spine, the pillow is the right one, if the neck deviates and remains too high or too low, you should opt for another one.

What is the ideal size of a pillow?

The ideal size depends on the length of your neck and on the distance between it and the shoulder. The pillow must be at least as wide as the shoulder, otherwise, during the sleep, the head is likely to slip out and lose the support.

The importance of perspiration

Waking up flushed, with a sense of fatigue and sweated hair is often an indicator that should trigger an alert: the pillow, in this case, may not be perspiring enough. There are pillows that let the head breathe, giving a sense of freshness and increasing the feeling of relax.

In case of severer issues, you should address a specialist, who may recommend selecting an orthopedic pillow.

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