The position of sleep in dogs

The position of sleep in dogs

Some snore, some are agitated and complain as if they are having frightening nightmares, some even run, others have fun placidly without batting an eyelid all night long. In short, the universe of canine sleep is varied and multiform. Perhaps for that reason, some scholars have tried to put order in the dreams of our four-legged friends.


1. Dogs sleeping with their belly upwards

These are serene dogs, who are not afraid to show vital organs during sleep, and that is why they display absolute tranquility. In short, they enjoy it! Usually a non-domestic dog, exposed to the dangers of woods or roads, cannot afford to sleep in this position, which is in fact typical of dogs that live and sleep at home.


2. Dogs sleeping with their belly downwards

It is the typical position of the dog “exhausted” by games or races, frequent in puppies that get tired quickly. Some dogs prefer that position because, for anatomical reasons, it is the one that allows them to breathe better.


3. Dogs sleeping “donut”

This position indicates that the dog is prone to sweetness and pampering. Adopted often by puppies, it is also taken when a dog sleeps in the cold because it is ergonomically the best to preserve body heat.


4. Dogs that sleep on their stomachs and legs outstretched

If your dog sleeps like that, it’s probably a young dog with a lot of desire to play.


5. Dogs sleeping on the side

This position indicates tranquillity and is taken by dogs that place absolute trust in their owner, to whom they confer loyalty and protection. On the side is the position that induces the deepest sleep a dog can experience.


6. Dogs sleeping on their stomachs, snout on the ground and slightly curved torso

Dogs who just want to rest sleep like that, dedicated to snoozing but without total abandonment. This position guarantees a quick and effective awakening.


Beyond the position, the best way for a dog to sleep is on Magniflex. If you do not believe it, let them try a mattress or a pillow from the Pet Line 😉

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