The perfect breakfast… in bed!

The perfect breakfast… in bed!

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed, regardless of crumbs and the high risk of getting the sheets and pillows dirty, remains a snug pleasure to enjoy every now and then, perhaps during a weekend or on a holiday, when we have more time for ourselves.
But how do you prepare the perfect breakfast in bed?

How do I prepare the perfect breakfast in bed?

The first thing to do is to put extra care into getting the atmosphere right, which must be pleasant and relaxing.
Preparing breakfast in bed usually means making someone a surprise, so for the best results, we’d recommend waking up a little bit earlier so that you can cook and get everything ready, including the arrangement on the tray, without having to stressfully rush through things.
Small piece of advice: it’s a good idea to set your alarm clock to minimum volume, keeping it or your cellphone within reach so that you don’t wake up your partner and can stealthily run off to the kitchen.


Breakfast in bed…the menu

Breakfast is our first meal of the day, as well as being a main one; skipping it, as shown by a study conducted by researchers of the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health, can be risky, especially for the heart.
Considering how infrequent breakfast in bed is and the special atmosphere you want to create, there’s nothing wrong if you indulge the palate.
Pancakes, muffins, pastries, jam tarts, or anything else you crave as sweets should be guests of honor on your tray. For those who prefer salty foods, a great choice is scrambled eggs with toasted bread or avocado toast with smoked salmon…


Breakfast in bed: a few tips

A few tips on how to make your breakfast in bed perfect:

  • Choose background music with a slow rhythm and a soothing melody
  • Place the breakfast dishes on a tray that is easy to carry, so that you don’t have to make more than one trip
  • Or, if you’ve prepared foods that can easily crumble up, choose a tray that is large and tall enough, to avoid the crumbs from falling onto the bed.

And now…enjoy your breakfast!


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