The nurse’s sleep and… the father’s remain calm

The nurse’s sleep and… the father’s remain calm

We have already had an opportunity to talk about co-sleeping, or the decision made by many parents to allow their children to sleep in the “big bed”. Our article examined the aspects concerning the children’s sleep in particular; now we will try to understand what happens to the parents when they sleep together with their children.

Above all, the mother’s sleep is literally “transformed”. “Nurse’s sleep” was the term used by Sigmund Freud to describe the particular link between a mother’s sleep and that of her children. It is a state of sleep in which the mother wakes up at even the slightest change in the rhythm of her baby’s breathing but is “deaf” to all the other noises around her. According to some experts, this is also the condition in which so-called natural sleep comes closest to hypnotic sleep.

Although fathers have often noticed this marvellous response of nature from their companion to their baby’s needs, one study has shown that fathers also adapt their own sleep to the sleeping needs of their little ones. How?  The body of a father who sleeps with his children has significantly lower testosterone levels than the body of another man who sleeps alone or just with their partner. Testosterone induces aggression and competitive behaviour among males and increases the inclination to take more risks. These are things better avoided when sleeping with a toddler.

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Sweet dreams!

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