The magic of the shower to help you relax

The magic of the shower to help you relax

Have you ever had the impression that the answers to your problems almost always came to you while in the shower? You wouldn’t be the first. Taking a shower, in fact, is one of the best relaxation strategies which, in addition to soothing the body from the strain of the daily routine, also helps to form constructive thoughts and experience brilliant insights.
According to studies conducted by some researchers who took part in “The Peak Work Performance” summit, 72% of people shape their ideas while taking a bath. According to Scott Barry Kaufman, under the shower, the mind roams free in a relaxed, solitary environment without the intrusion of strangers. The shower is synonymous with calmness, inner freedom, and tranquility, it stimulates the mind to take any road it fancies, without limitations. A shower helps a person to relax, it makes one conscious of his/her own body, and a person can “listen” to his/her sensations.


How do you create the right atmosphere for relaxation in the shower?

Creating the right atmosphere in the shower allows the mind to feel at ease and better experience the water flowing down the body. Here are some tips:

1. Put on some relaxing music: the right music helps to loosen up the muscles and relieves nervous tension. If you can’t think of what music to play, try with some jazz, classical music or instrumental ballads. Or, for those who are into that sort of thing, some zen inspired music, ideal for relaxing
2. Candles and dim light: to recreate the right atmosphere, use scented candles and turn the lights down low. The light in a bathroom, which generally is very intense, is not conducive to relaxation. A nice scent and dim light, instead, help a person relax
3. Stimulate your sense of smell: if you have a particular scent in mind or have a shower gel that you use only on special occasions, this is the right time for them. Aromatherapy, is also helpful in relieving stress
4. Carefully massage your hair: hair absorbs smog more than any other part of the body. Massage the skin of your head to release all the stress and give your hair shine and strength
5. Focus on the face: it’s now time to focus on your face. The steam will take care of the “dirty work” by opening the skin pores. Start to cleanse the face using appropriate products, remembering to slightly lower the temperature of the water in order to maintain the skin’s elasticity
6. Clean and scented towels: using a clean, soft towel will allow you to prolong the relaxing sensation of taking a shower. The experience will be sensational.

It’s not necessary to shower every day, every two-three days is enough. Taking showers too often can cause problems to the skin.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and create the perfect environment. Today is a day for relaxation and…brilliant ideas!

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