The latest trends in interior design

The latest trends in interior design

Especially in recent years, during which the pandemic considerably affected our lifestyle, the home has become a favorite place for us to find solace. That is why we want to make sure the time you spend in your home is quality time. It’s with this aim in mind that we’ve summarized the latest trends in home decoration in 2022, especially when it comes to the bedroom, to give you a few useful tips on how you can revolutionize your home. Here they are!

Environmental sustainability have become the keywords of home furnishing. We need to train ourselves to recycle second-hand items, both because it’s in fashion and because it helps to save money and makes environmental protection affordable. Vintage can be aesthetically appealing. You can recycle old furniture items by restructuring them in a shabby chic style, or simply by arranging them next to modern furniture to create an attractive stylistic contrast.

Sustainability and minimalism are the keywords for a trendy home, where having friends over is a delight.

Using scrap material is always an excellent choice: upcycling is the right solution for you. It’s a recycling method that takes unwanted scraps and transforms them into a whole new product.

When it comes to color, the best choice with this furnishing method is to go with white and natural wood. This chromatic combination will brighten up your living spaces while giving them a homely vibe, accentuated by the decorations obtained from recycled materials and by that feeling of old time.

Nature in essence is the main theme of fashionable interior design choices: a longing for simplicity and unsophisticated ambiences is quite aptly expressed in a rustic style that evokes the idea of family and nostalgic warmth.

The bedroom

Following along the same lines, the bedroom should be reminiscent of a Nordic style, with light colors such as white, sand, and beige. These delicate hues are ideal to relax the eyes and cradle you to sleep.

Here too, ecology is the driving theme: the trend in 2022 is to choose organic fabrics like linen and cotton, recycled and sustainable materials.

But if you like vibrant colors instead, we suggest you go with green, ocher, and brown. These livelier colors may seem a tad too bold, but come to think of it, they form aesthetics that remind one of forests and meadows, and in general of natural habitats.

This combination of apparently contrasting colors will give your bedroom a sense of harmony and liveliness.

A care for details is vital to the success of every interior design project. Magniflex offers you a wide range of solutions to meet your own personal tastes stylistic needs, always with respect for the environment and with your wellbeing in mind. Visit our website to discover the right product for you!

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