The healing power of sleep: Hypnotherapy

The healing power of sleep: Hypnotherapy

Healing through sleep…


What happens to the body during sleep

When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed, restored and relief from pain; the mere act of sleeping in fact has a major impact in regenerating the organisms. This, was yet realized in former times by our ancestors, who even ascribed magic healing powers to sleep. Nowadays, popular beliefs and superstitions have been taken over by the science, which has provided evidence to the benefits of sleeping.



Hypnotherapy is a technique used in psychotherapy. It consists of inducing sleep (usually by administering drugs, but, in some cases, through hypnosis or through the use of sound waves) for several hours a day or even for several days in a row. This treatment can be beneficial to patients with severe issues of agitation, neurosis, hysteria and/or other disorders.


The studies on hypnotherapy

Medical researches  seem to confirm the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy as adjuvant treatment. As far back as in the Twenties, several trials have been underway to test the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Ivan Pavlov even used it to treat disorders such as artery hypertension and ulcerous diseases, yet the most common application of the technique still remains cases concerning neuroses and psychoses. In Italy, one of the first studies dates back to 1955.


Sleeping to heal

Today, hypnotherapy, if associated to psychotherapy sessions, seems to ensure remarkable results: deeper sleep or prolonged sleep can be essential to our mental and physical health as it improves stress relief and speeds up the body’s natural healing process via soothing aches, pains and even helping injures muscles to recover faster. Thanks to the permanence in the NREM phase (i.e. the stage characterized by the wide brainwaves phenomena in which one sleeps deeply), the organism produces large quantities of GH, the so-called “growth hormone“, which contributes to the recovery of the muscular fibers.


Emergency Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be considered an emergency aid in cases of severe suffering, but it cannot be substitute for a cure: as we said, it is an adjuvant treatment.


A good sleep can help you stay healthy, lose weight and recover the psychophysical balance but… for a good rest you need the right mattress 😉

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