The bed base: what should the ideal mattress support be like?

The bed base: what should the ideal mattress support be like?

Box springs and wooden slats

A box spring is entirely made of steel, with a mesh pattern capable of supporting the weight of the mattress and its owner(s), adapting to every type of body shape. Box springs are the traditional solution for mattresses; they used to be made of iron, whereas nowadays the material of choice (as mentioned) is processed steel, which guarantees better results.
The metal box spring, though, does have some flaws: one being that it tends to cave in i.e., forming downward curvatures caused by the pressure applied by body weight. Another flaw consists in the metal stains that may form on the mattress due to body moisture and the surrounding environment, which makes the use of a box spring cover necessary.
Wooden slats are obtained from real wood, quite often beechwood, which is highly durable and flexible.
Compared to box springs, wooden slats offer a higher yield in terms of comfort, because they provide a more uniform support and don’t produce stains.


Slats or box springs?

Which is the best mattress support: wooden slats or box springs? Well, there is no definitive answer, as it all depends on a person’s individual needs and preferences. If you’re looking for comfortable and durable support, then wooden slats are probably the best solution, because the fact that they are not prone to excessive deformation means your back will maintain its natural position. Wooden slats are also often recommended by orthopedists, because thanks to their elastic properties, they’re more indicated in solving or alleviating physical complications like backpain.
The perfect companion for beechwood slats is a mattress in Memoform. With this combination, the mattress in Memoform reacts to the body’s weight in synergy and perfectly adapts to every type of body shape. This property provides a pleasant sensation of comfort and lightness while you sleep and helps to relax the spine.


How long will my bed base last before I need to change it?

Old metal meshed box springs are not compatible with modern-day mattresses, so our advice is to opt for a more modern and versatile version.
Bed bases with wooden slats have an average durability ranging from 10 to 20 years. How extensively the bed has been used and the type of body of the person who used it is quite obviously a factor. A bed base that has undergone prolonged compression will have a shorter life cycle than one that was used less frequently, such as, for example, the bed base of a guestroom’s bed.
The durability of a bed base with wooden slats also depends on the type of wood used to manufacture the slats. For example, birchwood is a flexible type of wood but is not all that durable, while beechwood, instead, has elastic properties but is also quite sturdy. In general, the bed bases of the highest quality nowadays have at least 26 slats with a width of 38 millimeters and a thickness of about 8/9 millimeters: the greater the number of slats, the better the distribution of the mattress and body weight. This design makes the bed base particularly ergonomic because it manages to adapt to the sinews of the body and especially the vertebrae, alleviating any backpain.

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