The 5 thoughts you always ought to think of before going to sleep

The 5 thoughts you always ought to think of before going to sleep

We often hear people talk (Slow Sleep has also discussed the subject) about good practices related to sleeping, from the layout of the bedroom to the choice of our dinner meal, from physical to mental relaxation. All too often, however, the so-called “ecology of the mind” is neglected in favor of learning this or that technique.


Thoughts to avoid before sleeping

Memories and emotions share a part of the brain, the limbic zone, which is also (but not only) the reason why remembering an unpleasant episode brings back to life the emotions experienced at the time. For this reason, it is a good idea not to wander through the memories of painfully-ended love affairs, family quarrels or regretted career choices. Every time you trigger this kind of memories, you run the risk of starting an infinite loop that upsets both the mind and the body.


The right thoughts for a good night’s sleep

  1. nature
    at the top of the list of thoughts we ought to have before going to sleep are memories of natural landscapes, hills, beaches or prairies, which have the power to drive away all other mental images and which induce natural relaxation
  2. colors
    thinking about warm and relaxing colors can help relax, and vividly recalling colors helps the mind focus and slows down the frantic pace of daily thoughts
  3. people we love
    if you love someone, thinking of him or her has a naturally calming effect and induces an emotional well-being that can quickly turn into physical well-being and lead to deep relaxation
  4. gratitude
    imagine thanking life and people for all the beautiful things we have been able to experience or have relieves tensions, lifts our spirits and is remarkably conducive to sleep
  5. lists
    when the mind is overly active, you can try to stem the hypertrophy of thoughts by imagining lists of things, from objects you would like to carry on a spaceship to the hall of fame of your life’s soundtrack. It is not necessarily a relaxing exercise, but it is a very effective method to eliminate toxic thoughts that generate anxiety.

So starting tonight… sweet dreams to you!

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