The 10 most common dreams

The 10 most common dreams

Here is a ranking of the 10 most popular and recurring dreams. Have you ever had one?

1) Falling into the void
According to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, dreaming of falling into the void is the mind’s way of elaborating the fear of failure

2) Flying
a symptom of lightness and freedom, flying often coincides with some sort of weight being lifted off our shoulders

3) Being chased and running away
this is undoubtedly the most common dream among people who tend to be anxious and, or are faced with a problem they have to solve but do not know how

4) Finding yourself in a completely empty room
indicates that there is a side of our character that hasn’t expressed itself yet

5) Losing your teeth
teeth represent strength and dreaming that we are losing them symbolizes the loss of the things we are sure about

6) Searching for a bathroom, but not being able to find one!
this dream means that we have a problem but do not want to admit it. It’s a dream that’s common among those who frequently take care of others and tend to neglect taking care of themselves

7) Erotic dreams
these are usually liberating because they allow one to fulfil repressed desires

8) Losing control of the steering wheel
This type of dream is usually due to performance anxiety and is therefore, a symptom of insecurity

9) Being late
a dream that signifies a process of change that we do not feel we are ready for

10) Being naked in public
this dream expresses one of man’s most common fears, that of being judged by others.

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