Tell me how you sleep and I’ll tell you what your perfect pillow is

Tell me how you sleep and I’ll tell you what your perfect pillow is

One of the causes of poor sleep may lie in the lack of compatibility between the type of pillow and the position adopted for sleeping. Fortunately, different pillows can cope with different needs.

It may seem trivial but picking out the right pillow is an essential choice for our health: it must provide the right support for the neck, and in order not to compromise the straight line of the vertebrae, it should neither be too high nor too firm.

Good practice is for the spine to remain in a straight and horizontal position, following its natural course, so it is always advisable to choose a pillow that will support the weight of the head without it caving in under the pressure.

Watch out for the position!

If you sleep on your stomach, it is good to have a low, soft pillow; a classic, medium-firm pillow, on the other hand, is the best choice for those who change position often or who sleep on their backs, so as not to alter the alignment of the spine at the level of the neck; for the same reasons, people who sleep on their sides will find their ideal pillow in a medium-to-high thickness, firm model. Especially in the latter case, it is best to avoid a material that is too soft, lest the weight of the head deform the pillow and not support it adequately.

The right pillow for every situation

But it is not only position that should be considered: unfortunately, discomfort can occur at night that compromises rest. And so it is that the pillow once more plays an important role in restoring a person’s necessary well-being: those who, for example, suffer from sleep apnea or who snore heavily at night should consider a pillow of medium height and added firmness to adequately support the head. In case of pain, on the other hand, one should consider using a cervical pillow, which is ideal for giving the right position to the muscles of the neck, relaxing the muscles, and relieving vertebral compression, which typically affects people suffering from neck pain.

The choice of a pillow should go hand in hand with our sleeping habits: it is best to look for the support that is most consistent with the natural position we assume while sleeping, to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Magniflex thinks about every aspect of sleep health and well-being: that’s why it provides a range of pillows suitable for every type of situation and need, so that it can ensure the healthy and proper support to every part of the body. Sleeping well is conducive to feeling rested throughout the day and the way our day progresses!

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