Sweet sweaty dreams

Sweet sweaty dreams

We’ve waited anxiously for summer and now, it has arrived, along with mosquitoes and… heat-induced insomnia! This frequent phenomenon affects the vast majority of the population, especially women in between the ages of 45-55.


Why do we sleep worse in the summer?

While asleep, the body temperature drops by 1 degree, supporting the production of melatonin and therefore, rest.  However, the heat tends to hinder this automated cooling, making it difficult – if not impossible – to fall asleep. If bed sheets, mattresses and pillows are not breathable and refreshing… prepare for trouble!


The consequences of summer insomnia

As with “normal” insomnia, the consequences of summer insomnia are widespread fatigue, irritability, nervousness, cardiovascular problems, and a decrease in performance related to logical-mathematical intelligence. But wait, there’s more: sleep deprivation reduces the size of the brain, especially in the hippocampus area, which is linked to memory.

Finally, and just as important, there is another nasty problem: sweating. Waking up “sticky” in the morning puts you in a bad mood as soon as you wake up.


6 tips for a good summer sleep

  1. Practice sports during the day and, if possible, walk after dinner
  2. Use fans and conditioners to lower the room temperature, but not too much
  3. Do not sleep without bed sheets: despite the hot air, currents and drafts can cause muscle aches
  4. Eat 2 kiwis about an hour before going to bed. Kiwis are rich in serotonin and favor relaxation
  5. You can try specific homeopathic treatments to calm the over-excitation (always upon medical advice)
  6. Stimulate the point that Chinese traditional medicine calls HT7 (located on the wrist), by hand or using special bracelets (you can also buy them online).


An anti-heat mattress to sleep well in the summer

In addition to these rules of behavior, we can also turn to technology. Technological research has developed thermoregulatory materials that facilitate the dispersion of excessive heat. An Outlast coated mattress such as the Magniflex MagniStretch, allows for an almost perfect thermoregulation.  MagniStretch, designed for athletes, stretches out the back, is highly breathable, and fosters an increased air exchange to favor oxygenation and rest. Outlast is a material that was developed for astronauts’ suits to regulate body temperature automatically and optimally.

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