Stones and crystals to sleep better

Stones and crystals to sleep better

If it’s true that everything is connected and that there is not a single thing in the universe that does not exist in connection to the greater whole, we ought to be especially mindful about the objects we keep in our bedroom.

The influence of electromagnetic waves on our sleep

Electric smog (which is also produced to some extent by electric household appliances, PCs, tablets and smartphones) can reduce the production of melatonin and negatively affect the way we sleep. This is one of the several reasons why we should keep “free” our bedroom from this type of devices.


Stones, crystals and vibrations

Just like every object in nature, minerals too, vibrate, and their vibrations spread in the environment surrounding us. Crystals, therefore, can induce resonance even in humans and animals, if handled or kept within close reach. What’s more, stones and crystals create an electromagnetic field, which can also (positively or negatively) interfere with our personal space. Some crystals have piezoelectric properties, which means that they generate a difference in potential (in other words, an either positive or negative electric pole, like the poles of batteries), if subjected to mechanical deformation.
We therefore can replace the negative influence of electric smog with the “good vibrations” from the mineral world.


Which crystals and stones you should keep in your bedroom

Crystal healing uses a series of minerals that can help us sleep well, although it is always best to consult an expert on the subject. At any rate, below are some tips on which stones and crystals can help you relax and sleep better:

  • aquamarine
    ideal to soothe overly anxious minds that have the habit of constantly overthinking
  • amethyst
    helps to minimize problems and come up with alternative solutions
  • moon stone
    the queen of female minerals, moon stones help us to fall asleep
  • tiger eye stone
    this stone is believed to be extremely powerful and is used to calm down feelings of anxiety and to stabilize a person’s mood
  • chrysocolla
    a must in crystal healing to fight stress.


Crystal healing beyond the bedside

If this topic interests you and you want to try the effect that minerals can have on your ability to relax, you probably should know that stones and crystals can be worn as garments and that carrying them around all day long boosts their effects and benefits.

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