Statins and Sleep Apnea

Statins and Sleep Apnea

Have you ever heard of statins? They are drugs prescribed to lower blood cholesterol by preventing its production on the liver.

While they may induce muscle problems, statins are not limited to just lowering cholesterol. In fact, they also have an anti-inflammatory action that helps stabilize blood vessels and decrease pressure.

According to some studies, statins can provide huge benefits to people who suffer from sleep apnea. It seems as though problems tied to protein CD59 triggers the mechanisms that expose sleep apnea victims to cardiovascular risks. CD59 accumulates in endothelial cells and treatment with statins prevents its build-up, thereby reducing cardiovascular risks. Further research is needed to validate this hypothesis because the risks involved with the use of statins appear to be substantial.

With these types of cases, seeking your doctor’s opinion is not only recommended, but vital. But you can improve your lifestyle without having to contact your doctor. How? Improve your lifestyle by engaging in daily physical activity, eating less eating unprocessed foods, learning to relax, and taking care of yourself and the things that you care about. This requires changing our habits, which is always difficult. We ought to keep in mind though, sometimes small changes can trigger virtuous mechanisms and this can apply to both cholesterol problems and sleep apnea.

While we wait for medical approval to use statins, missing out on the beauty of life just because we are not willing to make a small change would be a real shame.

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