Spring pains: when waking up is too tiring

Spring pains: when waking up is too tiring

Spring is the season of awakening and rebirth, flowers bloom and the days get longer, but getting up from the slumber of the colder months is not always painless. Many happen to be victims of asthenia, from the Greek “a-stenos”, a condition that literally means “loss of strength”.

During the first weeks of spring, in fact, it is not unusual to feel tired, sleepy and unable to concentrate, which are all symptoms that can be linked to our hormonal balance.  Like nature, the body also reawakens. With the lengthening of daylight hours and the arrival of more mild temperatures, the endocrine system produces more hormones and requires more metabolic activity. However, the body is not always able to increase performance right away and gets worn out, generating a widespread sense of exhaustion.

If you cannot keep your eyes open during the day, don’t worry, perhaps you are just suffering from hibernation syndrome. To overcome this problem, experts recommend not giving in to weakness.  Staying active, even with a simple walk, will help you regain the vitality you lost. You can recharge by taking a break from work every now and then, and also by reserving a moment during the day to enjoy all by yourself, this will help you fight stress.

You can also fight fatigue with nutrition.  It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water and follow a balanced diet, alternating light but frequent meals. There are foods that are especially suitable to alleviate spring pains that also help overcome irritability, mood swings, physical and mental fatigue. These include squeezed juice, dried fruits and vegetables.

Finally, be careful not to underestimate the need for rest. Although the days are longer, the body still needs the proper amount of sleep. Why not choose a Magniflex mattress to help you sleep better?

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