Smell: the scents and fragrances that help you sleep better

Smell: the scents and fragrances that help you sleep better

Sleeping well in a way that is genuinely refreshing should be an easy thing to do; but unfortunately, there are several factors affecting sleep quality and that can also have (more or less significant) repercussions on our quality of life.

Of these factors, the environment in which a person sleeps no doubt plays a key role. A soothing environment with the right atmosphere is a precious ally when we want to enjoy a peaceful but also relaxed sleep. No fear though, special scents will help you create that environment!

It isn’t hard to notice how a person reacts differently to a pleasantly scented environment. Our reactions change depending on the type of scent; some fragrances make people more active, others infuse a sense of energy, and others still help us relax.

Simply put, scents are special allies that can influence our mood. Choosing the right fragrances can therefore help you sleep better and improve your general sense of wellbeing.


Which scents can help you fall asleep?

There are many scents that can stimulate our nervous system and positively affect our sleep, thus inducing a state of relaxation. The choice should obviously fall on light and delicate fragrances that infuse a sense of warmth and positivity.

Besides making it easier to fall asleep, these scents also improve our mood when we wake up in the morning because they make us feel more refreshed and rested.

The most popular and well-known fragrances to improve our mood include:

  • lavender, which stands out, particularly for its ability to infuse relaxation and rest. It’s one of the most classic fragrances and has soothing properties that help reduce stress and alleviate headaches, helping a person feel better and more rested
  • vanilla, which provides a sense of freshness, is light and delicate and helps a person relax
  • jasmine, which, like lavender, soothes the nerves and helps you unwind, while also providing an energy boost and making you feel optimistic so that your day is off to a good start
  • chamomile, which is used to prepare a tea famous for its soothing properties, is a fragrance that stimulates relaxation and induces a better sleep
  • the scent of roses, fresh and relaxing, is especially conducive to sleep and to peaceful dreams

You’ve just read about how the environment in which we sleep is essential to maximize a person’s sleep quality. In addition to these scents, mattresses too, have specific olfactory properties depending on the model: visit the Magniflex website to find the perfect one for you!

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