Smartech: sleeping in the future

Smartech: sleeping in the future

2016 marks a turning point for Sleep: Magniflex is offering Smartech, a futuristic sleep system combining comfort and technology in order to comprehend what a good night’s sleep really mean.


What is Smartech

Smartech is a patented innovative complete bed system composed of mattress, bed base and integrated app for data evaluation. With Smartech you are finally able to observe and analyse your sleep, in order to deeply understand patterns and improve the quality of your sleep by following suggestions given by the system day after day.

What’s the use of Smartech

Smartech monitors and controls in real time parameters such as:

  • temperature of the room and of the mattress
  • heartbeat
  • respiratory rate
  • bed being used
  • movements during sleep
  • deep or light sleep
  • time awake and charging hours
  • sleep duration
  • noise levels in the room
  • light levels in the room

This app enables to display all the data (to one person or more people) in real time, to produce statistics ratings and to check the general trends of each parameter, besides programming brilliance of the room with consequent chromotherapeutic benefits and it sets up angle and massage-movements of the bed.

Thanks to the ICARE function it is also possible to remotely control of the quality of sleep of your loved ones. Using a dedicated application or directly on the web-site reserved area, it is possible to keep under control quality, length and trends of your sleep. The Local Real Time function enables instead to control in real time parameters relevant to your own sleep as well as the surrounding environment.


Motorised net (The adjustable base) and its advantages

Thanks to the technologically advanced servo-assisted motorized system of the bed base

it is possible to set up specific programs (individually on each side, completely avoiding disturbance of the other person’s sleep—(your partner?):

  • Zero gravity – for muscle relaxation
  • Legs Anti-swelling – for lower limbs relaxation
  • Reading – for reading in bed
  • Manual – to set up as you wish the intensity of head and legs vibration


Relaxing well beyond normal sleep

A series of extra functions make sleeping and awaking much more comfortable:

  • anti-snoring – to interrupt snoring
  • chromotherapy – to set up the colour of your room and to relax deeply
  • alarm clock – you can plan different kinds of alarm clocks, from the classic ringtone, to the softer with gradual awakening (position change, vibration, chromotherapy…).


The way Smartech improves your sleep

Awareness means we can intervene, especially during those phases of life in which we are not normally conscious of what happens around us. During sleep, even when it is not possible to be “alert”, our body reacts to the environment by sweating, moving, altering respiratory rate. It may happen, for example, that Smartech detects substantial differences between the temperature of the body and of the bed, hence a simple suggestion by the app to adjust blankets, clearly improves your sleep and therefore the quality of your life.

It is just a simple example but there are a lot of cases in which knowing means being able to improve.


A support of absolute and personalized quality

Embracing, breathable (materials), natural. This is Smartech mattress for you, made of materials of unparalleled quality

  • Outlast® fabric: Certified Space Technology keeping you warm when the body is cold and absorbing excess heat when necessary (dobbiamo secondo me usare l’inglese di outlast)
  • High-density materials: guaranteeing maximum durability of the mattress and the ultimate support for your back
  • Option to personalize the comfort level on your own side of the mattress versus the one of the partner: choose among 4 different kinds of materials
  • memoform – super anatomic material, for a perfect adjustment to the body shape
  • magnigel – super breathable gel foam keeping freshness
  • latex– flexible, hypoallergenic and natural
  • elioform – high-density foam offering a firmer support


Why choosing Smartech?

  • It is not an application but a patented integrated bed system
  • It is not necessary to wear bracelets or gadgets to collect your data
  • There are no electromagnetic waves
  • It is the only system which automatic analyzes the beginning of the snoring phase and which automatically changes the body position to stop
  • it is the only device in which the I-CARE function can be remotely controlled
  • it has got three soft awaking systems
  • it gives you the chance to choose the comfort level
  • it is the only one with an integrated chromotherapy program
  • it enables you to set more than one bed-system in order to get data integrated statics, no matter where you sleep
  • it is the only system completely Made in Magniflex, world leader in high end sleep systems.


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