Sleeping pill or Sunlight? Vitamin D and sleep

Sleeping pill or Sunlight? Vitamin D and sleep

Even in a country traditionally considered to be cheerful and care-free like Italy, people resort to sleeping pills to help them fall asleep. In Rome, for example, about 13,000 doses of sleeping pills are sold each day, while in Milan over 6,000 and in Turin nearly 5,000. To counterbalance the that trend (if we can call it counterbalancing at all), more than 1.5 million energy drinks are sold each year.

If meditation, Yoga and “sweet” practices help a lot of people get to sleep easily, and if having good supports for sleep (a mattress, bed base and pillow) is essential to enjoy quality rest, a vitamin deficiency is the root cause of many sleep-related problems. Vitamin D to be precise, one of the substances that regulate our circadian rhythms.

When we do not have sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body, the immune system is less strong, the brain ages prematurely, the bones are more fragile but our ability to fall sleep also suffers. These unhealthy conditions will cause us to often wake up during the night.

People who have a vitamin D deficiency also have a more heightened perception of pain than people who have healthy levels of it.

During the cold season, people don’t get much sun, which slows down the production of vitamin D and therefore causes the body to begin to suffer.

To sleep well and make the most of your mattress, instead of medication, it may be enough to spend a little time in the open air every day. Allowing your body to bask in the sunrays quickly improves our overall health and quality of life, even at night.

Are there any contraindications? No, if you do not have overly sensitive skin, if you act reasonably and with caution, and if your doctor approves.

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