Sleep Texting a go-go!

Sleep Texting a go-go!

We’ve already talked about sleepwalking, a phenomenon that makes certain individuals do more or less complex actions while asleep.  Sleep disorders have adapted to the times.  Years ago, a sleepwalker could have coffee, open a door, go out on the street or even commit a murder.  Now, sleepwalkers can end up messaging while asleep.  In fact, a few years ago there were a several cases of “sleep emailing“, but sleep texting has been the most recent issue.

With that said, sleep texting is the action of sending messages from a cellphone to relatives and friends while in a deep sleep and not remembering anything about it in the morning… The “victims” are mainly young people that use mobile devices all the time and consider phone keys (or rather, the touch-screen) an extension of their fingers.


What are the causes of sleep texting?

Among the possible causes: day-to-day stress, a perceived failure to perform duties during the day, and continuous messaging.


Awkward messages?

Sleep texting can be extremely embarrassing: there is always a risk of sending ambiguous messages to people that are not close friends, like an employer or a former partner, often with potentially disastrous consequences to one’s career or relationships. Apart from these embarrassing situations, the consequences of sleep texting are more serious when the phenomenon manifests itself in the REM phase. The systematic absence of proper and deep sleep is – as we all know – associated with more severe disorders such as hypertension and heart problems.

According to Dr. Michael Gelb, a sleep disturbance expert, this problem can be avoided in a very simple way: “Turn off the phone and leave it out of the sleeping room”. It is a simple and effective solution, but a rather difficult one for young, smartphone-addicts. In these extreme cases, however, the family has to intervene.

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