Sleep, mattresses and blood circulation

Sleep, mattresses and blood circulation

Sleep stimulates blood circulation. In fact, while we are asleep at night, the liver and kidneys work at full pace, relaxing the muscles and stimulating blood circulation, and thereby contributing to the elimination of any residue waste that has built up during the day.

Blood circulation problems, unfortunately, are much more common than one would imagine and affect people of all ages. Some form of behavior, physical states and diseases make us susceptible to these type of problems, such as smoking cigarettes for instance.

But what are the warning signs we shouldn’t ignore? Well, among the symptoms of poor blood circulation are ulcers to the legs or feet, varicose veins, hair loss and fragile fingernails. Another symptom we need to add to the list is fatigue: the lack of oxygen in the muscles causes them to work below average.

In addition, to stimulate proper blood circulation, it is essential to sleep on the right mattress, which ensures the proper weight distribution and eliminate any friction between the muscles and the skeleton.

Mattresses that are made of Memoform are the best choice, because they don’t “press” the muscles against the bones and helps to prevent poor blood circulation. The material’s ability to automatically adapt to the body’s shape, helps to maintain the correct posture, with several significant benefits of one’s health. Choosing a Memoform mattress, means, not only waking up with a strong feeling of wellbeing, but also doing something that is good for one’s health.

Not bad, huh?

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