Sleep and pregnancy: from the first to the third quarter

Sleep and pregnancy: from the first to the third quarter

Pregnancy brings changes for future mothers: these include new sleeping patterns, which change each quarter.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, women are generally affected by hypersomnia, a constant state of drowsiness that hits throughout the day. This lasting drowsiness is caused by an “overwork” endured by the woman’s body: the heart pumps more blood and increases circulation, the lungs produce more oxygen, progesterone (the pregnancy hormone) reduces the duration of the REM phase and blood sugar decreases. In addition, we cannot forget the mental and physical stress related to nausea and anxiety that the woman inevitably feels, despite her happiness for the joyful event.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, women feel in top form and full of energy.  In the third quarter they start to feel new sleep disorders, usually related to practical reasons: the belly is now cumbersome, the baby kicks and the baby’s weight compresses the bladder, which forces the expectant mother to constantly shift between the bedroom and the bathroom. The night insomnia prepares the woman for the wake-sleep rhythms that she will face while breastfeeding at night.

It is important that mothers take afternoon naps whenever they feel the need, especially in light of recent clinical studies that demonstrated a strong correlation between the quality of rest and the efficiency of the new mothers’ immune system. The risk of complications during childbirth or giving birth to underweight children is much higher in mothers that did not have enough rest during pregnancy.

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