Say goodbye to the alarm clock. Is that really possible?

Say goodbye to the alarm clock. Is that really possible?

When an alarm clock sounds, 2 things happen:
1. a person wakes up
2. the body is flooded with cortisol, the stress hormone.
Not a great way to start off the day, wouldn’t you agree?

Experts claim that we should be free to wake up without that awful ringing sound that brings anxiety into the life of billions of people around the world, even though that sounds like a fairytale to most of us… The fact remains though, renowned professor Russel Foster (Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute) says that: “Anyone who relies on the sound of an alarm clock to wake him or her up is probably not getting enough sleep”.


Training to wake up without the “riiing” sound

Going to bed and always waking up at the same hour is a good way to get the body used to a steady rhythm, in order to optimally regulate the KDM5A gene, which is responsible for activating the biochemical circuit that starts off our period of wake. This routine is an excellent way to train ourselves to wake up naturally, without the need for that noisy “push”; but if we don’t get enough sleep, it may all prove useless…There also are people who simply aren’t able to set their personal biological clock.
A few centuries ago, the figure of the knocker-up would help these individuals, going around beating on their windows with a stick with the precision of a chronograph.


Leaving the windows slightly opened to wake up on our own

Since most of us can’t rely on a rooster to usher in the day with cheerfulness, leaving the windows slightly opened can – in its simplicity – prove the best way to do without an alarm clock. Thanks to light’s progressive tune-up, a person will wake up by themselves in a sweet and gradual manner. The only problem being that if the dawn comes too early, a good time ahead of when we’re supposed to wake up, well then…you have a problem!


What if…the bed woke us up?

A gentle and progressive vibration, natural colors and sounds that propagate little by little to fill the bedroom…all of which are in a gentle embrace and performed autonomously by our bed. No, it’s not a dream, it’s only one of the incredible options offered by our MagniSmartech, the high-tech bed system by Magniflex. Forget the “riiing” sound! This product is just on a whole different level!

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