Relaxation Trends 2018: #Turmeric #SugarFree & #TechSleep

Relaxation Trends 2018: #Turmeric #SugarFree & #TechSleep

Here we are with our usual predictions for this year’s relaxing fashion!

Wellness everywhere as life goal: this is the new line spreading all over the world as a new lifestyle trend. In the past, wellness represented a break from stress, while today we seek wellness 24 hours a day and in every area of life, from work to nutrition, from social life to sleep.

    • Intestinal fungi: the micobiota
      The “happy bowel” is among the most popular trends. The industry is closely following scientific research: the discoveries on the role of fungi in the intestinal balance are now followed by the first commercial products. So, if in the past we talked about intestinal microbiota referring to the bacterial flora, now we talk about micobiota to indicate the fungi population of the enteric tract. The first supplements based on probiotics and mushrooms have already appeared on the market


    • Wellness machines
      Great news for the coffee break in the office: make way for the new “healthy machines” that will gradually replace the old coffee, sandwiches and snack vending machines. From the composition of the water chosen for the drinks (preferably low-mineral water) to the selection of the sandwiches (made with raw ancient grains flour), the break room will become an oasis of health, varied and full of natural suggestions even in its furniture



    • Sugar Detox
      Sugar is not really good for our health. A recent story that revealed a cover-up by the sugar industry on the results of a study highlighting the risks for health linked to sucrose has pushed the most exclusive wellness resorts to offer “sugar-free holidays” specifically designed to purify the organism


  • Tech Sleep
    After the boom of the wearable devices, we now officially enter the era of technological sleep. The aim is to create proposals able to harmonize the relationship between the naturalness of health and the use of technology: products such as the MagniSmartech bed system, which allows for a full awareness of sleep parameters in order to maximize every moment of rest and is also equipped with a smart intelligence system to intervene in case of non-ideal rest situations.

Have a good relaxing year!

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