Relaxation holidays? Here are 6 landmark boroughs in Tuscany

Relaxation holidays? Here are 6 landmark boroughs in Tuscany

Summer is at the door, that time of the year that is traditionally dedicated to relaxation, and in Tuscany we find a series of opportunities to enjoy some pleasant moments unwinding from the stress of our everyday lives. We’ve come up with a special tour for you of 6 different historical boroughs. Let’s take a look at them in detail, from province to province.

Landmark boroughs in Tuscany: province of Florence

Our trip starts in the province of Florence, in Vinci, Leonardo’s hometown, a beautiful and interesting place to visit.

As we walk through the town, we’ll find a sculpture by Mario Ceroli that depicts the Vitruvian man, located in the square behind the entrance to the castle, just a few steps away from the Leonardo Da Vinci museum, with the entrance from Piazza Guidi.

After Vinci, we head to Greve in Chianti. This is one of the most beloved towns by tourists, because of its wine and food itineraries. The throbbing heart of the town is definitely the square, which hosts a series of marketplaces, banquets and festivals. The square is also where the Town Hall Building is located, in its typically renaissance style, and is also the site of the Church of Santa Croce. And let’s not forget the Museum of Wine and to take some time to taste a selection from the 200 varieties of wine on display.

Landmark boroughs in Tuscany: province of Siena

We now move on to describe one of the most fascinating sites in Tuscany: Monteriggioni.

At the top of a hill, the Castle of Monteriggioni is without a doubt the most characteristic construction of the town. Surrounded by a towering fortress is also where we find the access to the walkway on the walls, from where we can enjoy a breath-taking view of the Chianti vineyards. The walls of Monteriggioni are also mentioned in The Divine Comedy, in the 31st Cantico of Hell: “as, on its round wall, Montereggioni / is crowned with towers”.

Another interesting borough to visit is Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Hometown of Enea Silvio Piccolomini, more commonly known as Pope Pius II, the town owes much of its artistic notoriety to the pope, who endeavored to make it a unique place to live in and visit. Pienza is one of the best renaissance examples of the ideal city. If you get the chance to visit, we recommend a walk through the center and to taste the pecorino goat cheese seasoned in oak wood, a true delicacy.

A few minutes away from Pienza is Montalcino, which is famous worldwide for its wines, like the Brunello and its Red Wine variety. It is believed that the Etruscans first settled the hill, which is now the site of the town. The town originally based its economy on the tanning of leather goods, a trade that was soon replaced by the nectar of the gods, however. Today the town, surrounded by hills covered with vineyard rows, even though it has remained intact for five centuries, welcomes and can satisfy even the most demanding tourists. We recommend visiting the fortress of 1631, from where you can see as far as Maremma.

Landmark boroughs in Tuscany: province of Grosseto

We finish our tour in one the most alluring towns of Tuscany: Pitigliano. It’s practically impossible to not stop for a visit to this fairy-tale-like town, built entirely out of tuff, in total harmony with nature.

Pitigliano offers visitors a chance for a romantic walk, admiring sites such as: Palazzo Orsini, the Aqueduct dating back to the 17th century, the Cathedral and the Archeology Park, with its Etruscan excavations. And to finish the day off, an evening cocktail with the delicious white wine of Pitigliano.


We’ve now reached the end of our tour, with 6 characteristic boroughs of Tuscany where you can enjoy a holiday and escape the stress of everyday life. In Tuscany, people are well aware of the meaning of the word relaxation, which is why Magniflex’s mattresses made in Tuscany are of a superior quality. 😊

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