Relaxation: an oasis of rest in the jungle of stress

Relaxation: an oasis of rest in the jungle of stress

There is no point denying it: living in a world of deadlines, appointments, worries, traffic, ceaseless stimulations and pollution is simply crazy. If removing the “structural” causes such as economics, finance, social organization and viability is almost impossible for an individual, yet something can be done: changing the way all this is experienced.

Difficult? Well, perhaps it is, but less than what we believe, we just have to make one step.

The etymology of the word “relaxation” recalls the concept of relieving, letting go, and it is actually what we miss in our everyday life.

Being relaxed does not mean being passive or “slow”, it simply means not being contracted. It may sound strange, but in relaxing there is the greatest vitality. The first step to conquer relaxation is really this: understanding that by relaxing you do not lose enthusiasm, dynamism or energy.

What can be concretely done?

Here are some small recommendations:

  • Outside and not inside close the door to the outside world, listening to your body, your feelings, starting from breathing, taking progressively the attention onto the parts of the body (from the feet progressively up until you reach the head). This relaxing exercise is regenerating
  • Visualizing
    Closing your eyes and imagining relaxing scenes or actions of personal care – such as having a hot bath – can have unexpected psycho-somatic effects
  • Lowering your voice
    If we pay attention to the way we speak at the workplace, in the largest majority of cases, we will realize that we use excessive rhythms and volume. Lowering our voice a little bit and slowing down the speed of our speech helps take the reins of the “vortex” and relax both body and spirit

These are small gestures, but they can start the change and help make an island of relax within the jungle of stress.

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