On Valentine’s Day, support his/her… dreams!

On Valentine’s Day, support his/her… dreams!

What could be more romantic than a dream? And… what better occasion than Valentine’s Day to give sweet dreams? Well, it’s easy to say… but how?

The solution is a specific item: the pillow!

Yes, but not all pillows are made the same, and not all of them can help you have sweet dreams. Here is a selection of 4 extraordinary pillows to give to the people you love, to support their dreams: an original gift that ensures relax, comfort and deep well-being!


Natural pillow: the Toscana collection

In the classic version (“soap bar”) or in the original wave shape, this pillow is made with natural materials that support the dreams of anyone who loves natural interiors and turn environmental responsibility into an every-day… and every-night value. Toscana perfectly embodies the spirit of Magniflex and its organic covers, along with its core enhanced with Aloe Vera or Soy extracts, make it the ultimate item for a physiological and natural sleep.


The MagniProtect pillow

A pillow against viruses and bacteria, which, thanks to its breathable finish, ensures cool and carefree nights. Ideal for those who pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, it offers a differentiated support for the head, neck and shoulder, because the Memoform sustain ensures a firm yet delicate support.
MagniProtect is available in 2 versions.


The Abbraccio pillow

The most romantic of all pillows, is the ideal gift for sensitive souls. Embellished by a soft Viscose cover with antibacterial, anti-mite and antifungal treatment, it embodies all the comfort of a processing technology that gives freshness and breathability. And… there’s also a maxi version, for a giant, enveloping hug…


The Magnigel pillow

For those who often dream of flying, Magnigel is the perfect gift: this extraordinary pillow will give you the feeling of being on a cloud! Incredibly cool and light, thanks to its Magnigel Foam core, it is an unparalleled ally in the summer nights, when the heat prevents you from getting a comfortable rest; it is perfect in any season, to make those dreamers that live (and sleep) in the clouds finally relax!

Happy Valentine’s Day then, and may your dreams truly be sweet, spectacular with a silver lining and… full of love!

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