Mindfulness to sleep better

Mindfulness to sleep better

Nightmares, light sleep, recurring thoughts, mental loops … Help! How can we sleep if we are immerged in stress?

Several times has SlowSleep given  recommendations to sleep better, from the preparation of the environment for sleep  to the herbal teas to foster rest,  from the medicine of sleep to the  relaxation techniques up to the guide to select the pillow. The scientific research is progressing ceaselessly and a study on how mindfulness fosters healthy sleep was published a few weeks ago.

Mindfulness – whose ideogram is 念 – is the practice of awareness, which Western medicine discovered in the nineteen seventies as a technique to reduce the stress. At least at philosophical level, mindfulness derives from the Buddhist disciplines and is based upon breathing and listening to the body. The concentration on these elements, which tends to totalize the thinking, is already a form of relaxation since it “distracts” the attention for everyday’s concerns.

The study led by the team of David S. Black (University of Southern California) was run on “over 60” people, an age where the sleeping disorders are frequent. Not only did the mindfulness meditation improve the quality of sleep, but it also contributed to diminish the symptoms of depression, inflammations, fatigue, anxiety and chronic tiredness.

Last year, research run in Canada found that the mindfulness meditation can improve the quality of life of the youths who suffer from cancer.

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