March 19, 2021: World Sleep Day

March 19, 2021: World Sleep Day

Just like every year, World Sleep Day, a day dedicated to the importance of sleep and sponsored by the World Sleep Society is celebrated on the Friday before the spring equinox.

The initiative began in 2008 with the aim of spreading awareness about sleep-related problems, fostering a culture of knowledge and prevention and thereby reducing the threat caused by sleeping disorders, which affect roughly 45% of the global population.

The main message advocated by the World Sleep Society is that these problems can be prevented and treated by applying simple measures and through specific therapies. Consistently with this message, in 2021 the AIMS (Italian Sleep Medicine Association) will sponsor a unique event in which all the key Italian Sleep Medicine experts will participate, with 30-minute presentations that will provide a detailed picture of sleep disorders today and the relative countermeasures we ought to adopt.


Healthy sleep is first of all…about listening

Yes, because listening to our body, paying attention to its signals and responding to its needs is the best way to live life to its fullest!


The perfect conditions for a good rest

But what should you do to sleep well? Here are a few tips provided by the World Sleep Society


  • Sleep in a comfortable and cozy bed and choose superior quality pajamas and bedsheets
  • Switch off the lights before going to bed: it will send the body the clear message that it’s time to rest ,-)
  • Switch off the TV and all electronic devices. Freeing ourselves from electromagnetic interference is essential, especially nowadays
  • Find the right temperature to relax and feel snug in bed
  • Use the bed only to rest or to take short, relaxing breaks. There are other, better places to work, use a tablet or play; using the bed only to sleep or rest will make it easier to slip into the right mood for falling asleep.

And now….3, 2, 1…sweet dreams!

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