Linen bed sheets: from tradition, a modern remedy to sleep well

Linen bed sheets: from tradition, a modern remedy to sleep well

It is well-known that bed sheets are a second skin, a skin that remains in contact with the body for one third of our life (sleep hour more, sleep hour less). For this reason one must be aware of the properties of the fabrics and – if possible –know its processing modalities and the preparation techniques.

Many families have received some old linen as “marriage legacy”. Linen is not an easy fabric to be managed, because it is difficult to be ironed; it is considered little modern because it does not have the “combed” aspect of the common industrial cotton bed sheets.

The properties of the linen bed sheets

Linen is an extraordinary fabric: it is very resistant, it absorbs humidity,  massages the skin activating its natural regeneration resources, does not retain the micro-organisms, is almost non-allergenic and naturally anti-bacteria…

Discovering again the linen bed sheets does not only mean reviving an old tradition, but is a way of sleeping close to the body’s needs.

How to wash the linen bed sheets

The linen bed sheets can be washed in the washing machines, paying attention to program temperatures not higher than 40° and not to run the spin cycle. In case of stains, you can pre-treat them with water and sodium bicarbonate. In any case, the indications reported on the article label are to be complied with.

How to iron a linen bed sheet

In order to better iron the linen bed sheets, you can start ironing when they are still slightly humid;  if the bed sheets are hung up, you do not even need to iron them.

How to repair the tears in a linen bed sheet

Repairing a pure linen bed sheet may seem to be difficult; in reality it is not so complicated, provided you have some familiarity with needle and thread.

The virtues of linen

The use of linen dates back to hundreds of years B.C. The flax seeds are rich in mucilage, fibers, vitamins (B1, B2, E, F) and Omega-3 fat acids.

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