Jobs of the future: the relax manager

Jobs of the future: the relax manager

Well-being, by definition means a personal space. A job – at least for those of us who are fortunate enough to have one – is a dimension of existence that occupies a very large part of our lives. That is why some forward-thinking managers are beginning to imagine a future in which companies will not only take care of ensuring a well-being in the workplace but also in the more private spheres of their employees’ and collaborators’ lives. How? With a series of initiatives promoted under the name of “corporate welfare“. Why? For two reasons, the first being is that by doing so, companies will be able to attract the best talents, the second being is that the more welfare spreads, the more productivity increases.

“If well-articulated and designed, corporate welfare connects four areas (the so-called rhomboid of corporate welfare): the workplace, the family environment, the social context and the existential phases of people’s lives,” says Enzo Risso, Scientific Director of SWG, a company specializing in statistical surveys. This is the principle by which new employment policies are based.

Welfare can not only mean paying attention to the needs of the people in the workplace, but also attention to other needs that extend beyond one’ s working environment such as personal passions, sports, travel and healthcare. One of the occupations of the future will be that of the consultant for corporate welfare, a relax manager who, in order to be successful, must be an expert in everything related to relaxation.

The relaxation manager should know the basics of physiology, know what happens to the brain in phases of stress and calmness, and master the basics of psychology, biomechanics and sleep medicine. In a few years, a company will be able to support its employees with a complete screening of their quality of rest, suggesting new and tailored approaches, activities and products. The company will therefore talk about posture, breathing and supports for our rest such as mattresses, pillows, bed bases and sofas.

When is all this going to happen? In some ways, it is already happening. But if you think that the revolution will take decades to take place, well, you’re forgetting “millennials”. Today’s rampant youngsters want companies that promote well-being and that allow them to harmonize every phase of their life. In addition, the preference is for welfare plans that model themselves on the needs of the individual, just like a Magniflex mattress does, providing the ideal support for you to sleep well and embraces the person while asleep with a unique and individual response that perfectly fits his or her body.

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