Insomnia… Wait a minute: What?

Insomnia… Wait a minute: What?

There are entire populations that simply do not have the words to describe one of the plagues that afflict modern and contemporary societies: insomnia. No, it’s not a joke, it’s actually true! The Hadza of Tanzania, the Ju/’ Hoansi San, who live in the Kalahari Desert, and the Tsimane of Bolivia are insomnia-free populations. At least, that’s what a study from the prestigious Current Biology journal of the University of California tells us.

The members of these tribes sleep on average 5.7 -7.1 hours per night, enjoy good health, do not have high blood pressure and as mentioned, they do not have a clue as to what insomnia is. The study of their sleep habits revealed that these people lie down to sleep a few hours after sunset and wake up before dawn, with slight variations depending on the season. What we can assume is that when you follow the rhythms of nature, it only takes a few hours of sleep to sleep well. This lifestyle, which is linked to a frugal diet, sleeping without much shelter, exposure to very low temperatures and not living perpetually under stress, makes life very enjoyable both in terms of longevity and quality.

Whatsapp, Facebook, our Office Manager, stock variations, sports betting, the telephone, thousands of TV channels, commitments, traffic, deadlines, mortgage instalments, fine food and a thousand other things that make up our everyday lives contribute to impoverishing our existence because they hyper-stimulate and stress us out. If work is necessary, stressing ourselves without reason certainly isn’t necessary.


Living at a different pace with the Tuesday method

How do we slow down a bit so that we can live a tad better? It may sound strange, but it’s easier than you might imagine! If giving up bad habits can be daunting, increasing the quality and frequency of good practices is definitely easier. A very effective technique is the “Tuesday method“. For one day a week, (Tuesdays are preferable because Monday usually coincides with our return to work and is already difficult in itself) decide to eat healthy, maybe raw food, restrict the use of your smartphone to enjoy 30 minutes of relaxation or meditation, switch off the TV or don’t open your email. Go to bed early. A few weeks of “treatment” can help you feel good both mentally and physically and will reinforce good habits. When you have done all these things, sleeping 8 hours or more on a quality mattress won’t simply be a matter of need but a real pleasure!

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