Hum: the mysterious sleeping buzz that haunts the world

Hum: the mysterious sleeping buzz that haunts the world

It is called HUM and has been recently mentioned in the chronicles. What is it? It is a buzz that manifests in the night and undermines the quality of sleep of thousands people the world over. The so-called Taos Hum owes its name to a phenomenon whose origin is lost in the legend more than in the chronicles: in the city of Taos, you would hear a night buzz similar to the noise of a diesel engine, such a strong noise that – in 1993 – the inhabitants decided to organize some systematic research to understand its origin.
A legend, we would say, but also Live Science dedicated it some articles…
Not only in Taos, but in different parts of the world, people are hearing or have heard this noise that – according to some – can cause hysterical crises:

  • Bristol (the Bristol Hum is likely to be the first documented buzz; approximately 40 years ago reports mention some 800 letters of protest sent by exasperated citizens to a local daily newspaper)
  • Windsor, in Ontario
  • Bondi, in Australia
  • Woodland, close to Durham, in England
  • Minffordd, in Galles
  • Costa Rica

Also in Italy there are “hummers” (i.e. those who hear the buzz) in dismay because of their sleepless nights, such as in Ponte delle Alpi, in the province of Belluno.
Theories flourish around the hum: which range from the building of underground bases and tunnels, to cosmic turbulence, from the quantic wave to the HAARP activities…There are even those who ascribe this noise to some foretelling of geophysical events such as volcano eruptions and earthquakes, or to some strange cosmic mutations.
The fact is that such phenomena occur somehow the world over and usually affect people between 55 and70 years of age, who perceive such noise in their houses. The effects on people would be so devastating that – in Southampton – a dedicated helpline has been established. The noise would be low-frequency (30 to 80 Hz) and therefore not audible to everybody.
Nothing but hoaxes? It may be, but a fact is that some traditionally serious media such as the BBC mention them.
Hum or not, a good mattress and a good pillow improve your life in any case and help moving from a fiercely stressing “hum” to a relaxing “Ohm…”.
Sleeping is believing!

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