How to sleep well…when it’s cold outside

How to sleep well…when it’s cold outside

Even on warm days, a thermal excursion can cause our nights to be cold, almost icy. We therefore sometimes find ourselves facing unexpected temperatures in the blink of an eye, which make their way through the walls of our home and get into our bones, forcing us to add blankets atop blankets and to wear fleece socks to keep ourselves warm.

But…are we sure that these are the proper measures to take and which will allow us to sleep well? Let’s take a closer look.


The relationship between sleep and temperature

Sleeping in an overly heated environment compared to what the temperature is outside is not ideally conducive to healthy sleep. We should make sure that the temperature in the room is not too high if we want to sleep well. It’s the only way the body can activate its thermoregulating mechanisms.


Sleeping…light as a feather!

It is essential not to smother our bodies when we go to sleep. If we use too many bedcovers, it will be difficult to move freely beneath the sheets and the excessive weight will negatively impact the quality of our sleep.


Nutrition is a dear friend of sleep

Nutrition plays a key role. Eating too much will automatically trigger the chill effect, because the body will need too many resources to break-up and digest our meal, depriving the limbs and rest of the body of valuable ones. Another aspect is the quality of what we eat: watch out for excessive quantities of carbohydrates, which ought to be avoided. Unless there are specific contraindications, it may be a good idea to opt for protein-based meals or foods that contain vitamin B6, like sweet potatoes.


A hot shower: the ideal ally for relaxation!

One of the greatest pleasures, when it is cold outside, is to enjoy a hot shower. Why not take advantage of the opportunity before going to bed, as a way to soothe (and warm-up) the body?


And then, of course…there’s the mattress!

Last, but not least, we have the mattress. Choosing a quality mattress that suits the characteristics of body helps us to sleep well whether it’s cold or hot and whatever the season! This is why the best solution is available at the tip of your fingers…simply locate the Magniflex store nearest to you! 😉

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