How does a happy couple sleep?

How does a happy couple sleep?

Tell me how you sleep and I will tell you who you are … OK, but what about when there are two of us? What do the position taken during sleep mean? Fight? Harmony? Trustworthiness? Adultery? Excessive heat? Feet too cold? Oneiric choreographies?

Even if it is difficult to be realized, the way two people sleep together tells a lot on the understanding of a couple and on their level of involvement. Nothing mathematic, for Heaven’s sake, but – in any case, a set of absolutely interesting cues…

The relationship between the positions taken during sleep and “love healthiness ” is confirmed by the research coordinated by Richard Wiseman of the Hertfordshire University. Taking 1100 couples under exam, the team of scientists has concluded that:

  • 42% of the couples sleep back against back
  • 31% sleep looking in the same direction
  • 4% sleep face to face
  • 94% of the couples who sleep in physical contact have a satisfactory relationship, versus 68% of those who sleep without touching each other
  • 86% of the couples who sleep at close distance (2.5 cm) are satisfied with their relationship against 66% of the couples who sleet at a 70-cm distance.

In a few words, the distance a couple sleep at does count in their relationship.

The research highlights also the relationship between character and position during sleep:

  • The extroverts tend to sleep close to their partner
  • The creative people tend to sleep on the left-hand side.

To know everything on the topic, there is a beautiful book  published in 2006 by sociologist Evany Thomas: “The secret language of sleep. A Couple’s Guide ”. Could it be your next bedside book?

























photo by fnavarro.

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