Horoscope and sleep: how much should every star sign sleep?

Horoscope and sleep: how much should every star sign sleep?

The new year is upon us, and we anxiously await news and tips related to our star sign. Someone reads them out of curiosity, someone else doesn’t believe in them, yet is nonetheless swayed by them, and others glance at them because… well… you never know.
The fact is that now more than ever, we all need to believe in something, because believing is good, makes us live better, fight back and look at the future.



What if the Horoscope also told you how much you need to rest, along with your future?
Astrology vows to understand how each star sign sleeps, and how long they need to rest.
Read on, to find out what kind of sleep your star sign needs.



Passionate, motivated, and workaholic. They would want a 36 hour day to do many different things and achieve all their goals.
This sign can get away with 6 hours of sleep per night; indeed, sleeping more can be seen as a total waste of time. Very little, compared to other star friends.

The bedroom is their natural habitat, the place where they would spend entire days recharging. This sign is a pretty heavy sleeper, but… luckily, by sleeping so much, they nourish a talent not everyone else has: patience. In any case… do not wake up a sleeping Taurus abruptly 😉

Pure energy. Those born under the sign of Gemini, usually have a life full of commitments, and alternate nights with little sleep, just like the Aries (6 hours), to nights they go to sleep very early and wake up very late. With an encore afternoon nap, when needed!

With their high emotional intelligence, those born under the Cancer sign, have a calm and strong temperament at the same time. They need to sleep 8 hours to keep their balance, and there is no place they love more than their warm and welcoming bed.

They love sleeping in good company, whether it is their partner, a relative or a trusted friend. This sign is characterized by a heavy 7-8 sleep. Be careful when you travel with the Horoscope King: away from their usual bed, their sleep could get a little disrupted and… buzzing around a Leo that woke up on the wrong side of the bed could be dangerous!

Determined, perfectionists, and picky, people from this sign can sleep for as little as 6 hours per night to feel rested. Sure, if they would sleep a little more, they would definitely feel better.
A word to the wise :-)

People born under this sign are usually kind, reliable, and diplomatic. But… only after a long and rejuvenating sleep. A Libra must try to sleep at least 8 hours. This way, they can recharge their batteries and get their fill for another day of help and support to all the other signs.

Sleep is a priority for them. Sometimes, those born under this sign, struggle with falling asleep, but once they do, they immediately fall into a deep sleep, that often leads them to intense dreaming.

When there are ambitious projects to assess, sleep falls back to the last spots in their priorities, but once they go back to their routine, the sleeping hours increase! From 5-6 hours when stressed, they reach 8+ hours when they are calmer.

The habitual sign par excellence, even sleep should be “planned” for Capricorns. In order to rest, they must sleep 8 hours every night, go to bed at the same time, and wake up every morning with the same alarm (even on weekends).

They always live to the full… and those born under this sign, struggle to switch off. Usually, they have trouble falling asleep, and they are used to sleeping 6 hours per night. Obviously, they wake up at dawn, to enjoy their day to the fullest.

They love sleeping and are not ashamed to admit it. Dreams are essential for them; they help them open their minds and recharge their creativity. This sign needs to sleep at least 8 hours every night.

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