Furnishing trends in the bedroom in 2021

Furnishing trends in the bedroom in 2021

The bedroom

The bedroom is a place where to take comfort and relax, put all problems and the stress of everyday life on hold for a moment, and reconnect with oneself. Finding solutions for its furnishing and the colors to decorate it is important to turn it into a healthy and positive ambient.


2021 furnishing trends in the bedroom

According to many designers, in 2021 the choice of furnishing for our bedroom should draw inspiration from the concept of aesthetic stress relief. The colors, materials, decorations, and arrangement should be ideated and designed with the aim of creating a physical and visual comfort zone whose purpose is to alleviate stress.
The trends to lookout for in 2021 when furnishing your bedroom are:

  • wood, both for the bed and for the furniture items
  • walls personalized with artistic motifs
  • eco-friendliness
  • plants and vegetable reproductions
  • earthen colors for the walls and furniture

These 5 characteristics are perfectly summarized in the Hygge style.
Hygge, which is pronounced “ougghe”, is a Danish term that indicates a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction accompanied by a way of living that revolves around simplicity.
To the Danish people, Hygge is a lifestyle in every sense of the word, it means enjoying life with a carefree mindset, getting rid of any excesses, such as abundance and ostentation in the way a person dresses, promoting moments of sharing and conviviality in a state of tranquility and relaxation, showing care for nature and with an eye to environmental sustainability.


The colors of the bedroom

Choosing the color of one’s bedroom is the first step to create an ambient that puts you in a good mood already with the first look.

In 2021, green seems to be the trendiest color for the bedroom.
Green brings a sense of peace to the bedroom and can help improve a person’s mood depending on the shade of green we choose. Emerald-green is very popular lately, but other shades are equally in demand:

  • pistachio
  • mint
  • kaki
  • olive green
  • sea green
  • grass
  • Spring green.

Green also seems to perfectly blend with wood, and they both remind us of open nature.
Wood can be lacquered to add brightness to the décor and is also faster and easier to clean.

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